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New forms of government services delivery and governance through electronic means have developed rapidly in the last years. The European Commission (EC) and the EU Member States, as well as local and regional authorities have been actively supporting the development of eGovernment covering all areas of public sector activity in Europe.

The key objective of this study is to help develop a vision on European eGovernment policy initiatives and to provide the EC with tools to help identify a number of high impact innovative and adaptive eGovernment services that are or can be delivered at a pan-European scale and which should be designed to be adaptive to various contexts and to continuous societal and technological change. For this the study will undertake a mapping exercise to lay out the current state of play, trends, barriers, drivers, and user requirements, for the next 10 years. We will check findings and theory against a rigorous selection of real life case studies. Furthermore we will develop a generic model for sustained innovation against a theoretical model of adaptive decision-making. The project will also develop a measurement framework and composite indicators to determine the impacts of such services, in order to determine the 'business case' for their development. The final deliverable will be a strategy for determining, designing and developing pan-European eGovernment services, accompanied by a roadmap for their implementation.

Policy development at the level of the EU takes place in the context the policy framework of i2010, which follows up on the eEurope programme. Within i2010 the recently adopted eGovernment Action plan will be the reference point for this study. In this action plan the bullet points of 'high impact services' and 'efficiency and effectiveness' are of particular interest.

The i2010 high level group and the eGovernment sub-group, including a number of ad hoc groups (e.g. e-Inclusion, e-Identity Management) form the governance structure of the EU's endeavours to strengthen eGovernment through studies, benchmarking, best practice exchange and pilot project. A number of Commission DGs are actively involved, with DG INFSO as central coordinator of eGovernment activities and responsibilities for eGovernment research and strategy. Other DGs also have important strategic functions, like DG JFS in exchange and retention of personal data for security and law enforcement purposes; and DG Enterprise as responsible DG for IDABC, where a number of pilots are developed, a shared infrastructure is maintained and which manages the European Interoperability framework and the eGovernment Best Practices Database. Other DGs have thematic interests like Employment, SANCO, etc. The project is aware of this policy and governance context and will work with these parties in preparing the deliverables, in order to achieve the necessary buy in for increasing the project's impact.

An expert working group of academics and stakeholders from MS and EU will be a sounding board for the project and a dissemination platform for the project's outputs. It will be supported by a dedicated website and a range of dissemination activities. The project will actively cooperate with existing projects and studies to increase relevance, continuity and efficiency of EC endeavours in this area.

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This study has been commissioned by the eGovernment Unit of DG Information Society & Media and is financially supported by the European Commission

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